COMP 221: Introduction to Computer Systems

Rixner, Fall 2008
Tue/Thu 2:30 PM - 3:50 PM, Duncan Hall 1046

Undergraduate level course that exposes students to the underlying concepts of computer systems that drive application programming. The major topics of the course include linking, exceptions, memory allocation and management, networking, and concurrency. These topics are important in all computer systems and will prepare you for future courses in compilers, operating systems, computer architecture, and networking. Prerequisites: COMP 140/160/170 and ELEC 220.

COMP/ELEC 425: Computer Systems Architecture

Varman, Fall 2008
Mon/Wed/Fri 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM, TBA

Advanced undergraduate level course that covers uniprocessor system architecture. Includes topics such as pipelining, techniques for exploiting instruction-level parallelism, memory system design, storage systems, vector processors, and media processors. Prerequisites: ELEC 220.

COMP/ELEC 519: Network Systems Architecture

Rixner, Spring 2009
Mon/Wed/Fri 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM, TBA

Graduate level course that focuses on the design and implementation of the network systems that compose modern wired networks, from local area networks to the Internet. The course explores the roles that user-level applications, operating systems, network interfaces, switches, and routers play in the communication process. The course consists of lectures, tutorials, and projects. Prerequisite: COMP 221 or ELEC 326.

COMP/ELEC 525: Advanced Microprocessor Architecture

Rixner, Spring 2007
Tue/Thu 10:50 AM - 12:05 PM, Duncan Hall 1075

Graduate level course that explores the current trends and future directions of microprocessor architecture. Includes topics such as technology trends that affect microprocessor architecture, modern microprocessor design, static and dynamic techniques to maximize parallelism, memory system issues, and proposed future microprocessor architectures. Prerequisite: COMP/ELEC 425.

ELEC 696: Computer Architecture Seminar

Rixner/Varman, Spring 2009

Graduate seminar course on topics in computer architecture. Prerequisite: COMP/ELEC 425.

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