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CS Senior wins 2016 James S. Waters Creativity Award

April 12, 2016

Caleb Voss wins recognition for his creativity in research. Caleb Voss, a senior in computer science, recently won a 2016 James S. Waters Creativity Award in recognition of his unusual creativity in independent work. He was nominated by Lydia Kavraki, Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science and Bioengineering, and Dr. Mark Moll, Research Associate at the Computer Science Department, for his creativity in Fundamental Research in Robot Motion Planning

Voss began his research in the Kavraki Lab during his freshman year, and his continued work led to a 2016 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. See the full article in CS Profiles:

The annual engineering undergraduate award is named for James S. Waters, who received his bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Rice Institute in 1917. He joined the faculty and stayed with Rice for nearly the rest of his life - with only a break for service in the Air Corps in 1942-1946. He retired in 1964 and died the same year. Of the 50 years he spent on the Rice campus, he was the Electrical Engineering Chairman for 30 of those years. In 1968, an anonymous donor endowed the Waters Creativity Award.