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Mechanus: Discovering the Secrets of Dark Data


Computer Science

By: Andrew Marshall
and other Computer Science students
When: Monday, April 24, 2017
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Duncan Hall

COMP 410/539 Presents: Mechanus

Abstract: In nearly every field, managers, data scientists, and experts alike are becoming increasingly dependent on the data they gather. When striving to compete in an data-driven market, these users need to make data-driven decisions. However, consolidating and analyzing heterogenous data requires a robust and efficient cloud platform when dealing with significantly large datasets and allowing secure access to multiple tenants.

Computer Science students in COMP 410 met with representatives from Schlumberger to determine specific needs and use cases for a Production Profile Analysis Platform, then developed a flexible, extensible, and scalable cloud platform that allows a wide range of users, from field managers to production engineers to data scientists, to analyze oil well production data.

Mechanus is a scalable multi-tenant cloud platform designed to consolidate and to homogenize data from various sources, to create and to apply custom analysis algorithms, and to visualize these problem-specific results. Join us as we present Mechanus to our client on April 24th at 1 PM in DCH 1064.