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Welcome from the Department Chair

Luay Nakhleh, CS Department Chair

Computer Science is relatively a very young field. However, in the seven decades or so since its inception, this young field has revolutionized almost all fields of study and impacted societies in unprecedented ways. Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge, to produce scholars who actively participate in the development of this fast-evolving field, and to provide service to our communities at Rice and beyond.

The increasingly interdisciplinary nature of computer science has significantly pushed its frontiers while at the same time reinvigorated research into the foundations of computing. This duality informs and guides how we implement our mission. Our undergraduate and graduate curricula introduce students to the emerging fields of computer science and at the same time provide them with solid training in the foundations. Similarly, research in our department spans fields that range from core subjects to fields. Beyond providing technologies and computational solutions to the community, our faculty members serve in leadership roles and lead efforts to understand the societal impacts of computing, including automation and security.

Rice’s small size enables seamless collaborations. Our department is central to the recently launched Data Science Initiative, and we collaborate with colleagues from almost all Schools at Rice. Our researchers have active collaborations with the Texas Medical Center, NASA, and the local energy industry.

Our department is a lively, invigorating, and welcoming place. About 34% of our undergraduate students are females. We currently have the largest undergraduate major at the university and the largest Professional Master’s Program outside the Business School. Our students are organized in very active clubs. Whether you are interested in joining us or simply browsing, we encourage you to visit the beautiful Rice campus and interact with our community to learn more about the great work we do here.

Luay Nakhleh
Chair, Department of Computer Science