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Four Rice teams place in ACM programming contest

November 1, 2016

Four Rice CS student teams compete in ACM Competition
CS professor and club sponsor John Greiner (center, back row) relaxes with members of the four Rice teams at the ACM Competition.

Four teams of computer science majors from Rice University competed in the 2016 Association for Computing Machinery's International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) for the South Central USA region.

Rice Lalalalalalalalalalalala completed seven of the 11 problems and placed tenth in a field of 67. Team members were Madison Lewis, Ahn Tran and Avery Whitaker, all sophomores. Last year, the same team finished in 42nd place. Whitaker also served as student organizer and set up the weekly practices.

The teams from Rice competed at Louisiana State University on Oct. 29, against teams from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. John Greiner, lecturer in computer science, has been coach of the programming teams at Rice since 2003. Here are the other Rice teams:

Rice Mango, completed six problems, finished 19th: Siran Wang, Ziyun Wang and Chao Zhou, all seniors.

Rice Lucky Ks, completed five problems, finished 26th: Namgun Kim, junior; Ga Yeon Noh, senior; Jung Hee Ryu, sophomore.

Rice Fresh, completed two problems, finished 50th: Patrick Brady, freshman; Arjoon Srikanth, sophomore; Gabe Vacaliuc, freshman.

Four teams from the University of Texas at Austin each completed 10 problems and finished in first through fourth places. Three teams from the University of Texas at Dallas finished in fifth, sixth and eighth places. Teams from LeTourneau and Baylor finished seventh and ninth, respectively.

-Patrick Kurp, Engineering Communications

Rice Lalalalalalalalalalalala team members Madison Lewis (right), Avery Whitaker, and Ahn Tran and are all sophomores.
Rice Mango is composed of three seniors: Siran Wang (left), Ziyun Wang, and Chao Zhou.
Team members of the Rice Lucky Ks are sophomore Jung Hee Ryu (left), senior Ga Yeon Noh, and junior Namgun Kim .
The two first year students on the Rice Fresh team are Gabe Vacaliuc (left) and Patrick Brady (right). Arjoon Srikanth (center) is a sophomore.