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April 23, 2017

CS student Raymond Cano explains his research project

Computer Science students Zhouhan Chen, Isaac Dykeman, and Raymond Cano won recognition for their research in the 16th Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium (RURS), and six other CS students presented projects representing a wide range of interests in the same symposium.

Andrew Dumit (STAT '17) and  Raymond Cano (CS '17) and won the best group project in the Engineering category for their poster, "Discovering Genetic Markers of Resilience to Alzheimer's," under the advisement of Dr. Genevera Allen.

Individual winning posters by CS students included:

  • Second place: Zhouhan Chen - "Twitter Spam Analysis --How Many Fake Followers do You Have"
  • Third place: Isaac Dykeman - "Fine Grained Prediction of Storm Damage to Homes using Deep Learning"

Junyan Guo and Kevin Chang Additional posters presented by CS undergraduates were:

  • Raymond Cano (with Andrew Dumit) -  "Charged RNNs: Stabilizing Recurrent Neural Networks with Bio-Inspired Dynamics"
  • Naomi Eigbe - "Can the Interactive Activation Model Explain Reading without Letter Identification?"
  • Junyan Guo (with Kevin Chang) - "Aminode: Analysis of Evolutionarily Constrained Regions of the Human Proteome" 
  • Zeyu "Bill" Hu (with Alex Yang, Habeen Chang, Jaeweon Shin and Mike Lin) - "Music and  Sound Programming using Mathematical Patterns"
  • Gloria Kim - "Machine Learning Based Prediction Models for Runtime Selection of Hardware Device in Parallel Computing"
  • Cody VanZandt - "The American (Syllabus) Experiment" 
  • Rui Zhang - "Constructing Phase Diagrams of the Hubbard Model"


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