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Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AAI)

Owing mainly to technological advances, biomedical labs, social studies, and energy companies, among others, are producing data at unprecedented rates and volumes. The need to turn these data into information and, ultimately, actionable knowledge, has provided computer science with a unique opportunity to usher in a new era of interdisciplinary research and education.

Research efforts in the AAI group focus on developing new methodologies and adopting existing ones to enable data analysis in a wide range of disciplines. These efforts include computational work in bioinformatics (led by Profs. Kavraki, Nakhleh, and Subramanian), graphics and image analysis (led by Profs. Goldman and Warren), political and social sciences (led by Prof. Subramanian), and robotics (led by Prof. Kavraki).

AAI Faculty


Ronald N. Goldman is a Professor of Computer Science. His current research interests lie in the mathematical representation, manipulation, analysis and reconstruction of shape using computers. His work includes research in computer aided geometric design, solid modeling, computer graphics, polynomials and splines. He is interested in algorithms for polynomial and piecewise polynomial curves and surfaces, and in applications of algebraic geometry and differential geometry to geometric modeling. Some of his recent work focuses on the uses of quaternions and Clifford algebras in computer graphics.


John Greiner is a Lecturer in Computer Science. His interests lie in algorithms and the theory of computation.


Lydia Kavraki is the Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science and a Professor of Bioengineering. Her research interests lie in robotics algorithms, motion planning, and algorithms for bioinformatics and biomedicine. She is particularly interested in mathematical algorithms and IT architectures that can be used to solve complex geometric problems. She leads the  Kavraki Lab, which conducts research in physical algorithms and has two main application areas: Robotics and Biomedical Computing.


Luay Nakhleh is the Associate Chair of Computer Science, and a Professor of Computer Science and of BioSciences. His research interests lie in methodologies, software, and tools aimed at answering and enabling research into biological questions. He leads the  CS Bioinformations Group, which employs mathematical modeling, algorithm design, software development, performance studies, and data analysis to pursue three broad lines of research: methodologies for phylogenomic analysis, models of cellular networks, and evolutionary analysis of cellular networks.

Shrivastava, Anshumali

Anshumali Shrivastava is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and of Statistics. His research interests lie in machine learning and big data.


Devika Subramanian is a Professor of Computer Science and of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her research interests lie in artificial intelligence, statistical machine learning, natural language processing, and algorithms and tools for predictive modeling in engineering and in the natural and social sciences: hurricane wind damage risk, clinical cardiology, signaling networks in systems biology, and conflict prediction from wire news.


Joe Warren is a Professor of Computer Science. His research interests focus on the application of computers to geometric problems and are centered around the general problem of representing geometric shapes. His specific areas of interest include geometric modeling, or the construction and manipulation of data structures for representing geometric objects, and computational geometry, or using algorithms to solve geometric problems.