Current Teaching

I am not currently offering any courses this semester.

Teaching History

  • Fall 2013

    COLL 210: Introduction to Basic Web Programming

    A course designed to teach elementary web programming to students that have absolutely no prior experience with any kind of programming. Focus to be on building interactive websites in HTML and JavaScript.

  • Spring 2012

    COMP 182: Algorithmic Thinking

    Algorithms are the engines of a great majority of systems, natural and artificial alike. This course introduces algorithmic thinking as a discipline for reasoning about systems, taming their complexities, and elucidating their properties. Algorithmic techniques, along with their correctness and efficiency, will be taught through reasoning about systems of interactions, such as markets, that are ubiquitous in our highly connected world. Coinstructed with Prof. Luay Nakhleh and Prof. Scott Rixner.