[Rice University] COMP 529 Computer Networks: Architecture and Protocols

This course explores the field of computer networking, emphasizing network architecture and software design issues. We will focus on the fundamental concepts of networking by discussing such topics as:

  • Network Architectures (protocols, layering, interfaces, encapsulation)
  • Network Technologies (e.g., Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, ISDN)
  • Internetworking (addressing, routing, subnetting, autonomous systems)
  • Resource Allocation (fair queuing, virtual clocks, congestion avoidance)
  • End-to-End Issues (data representation, compression, authentication, encryption)
  • Interprocess Communication (datagrams, virtual circuits, request/reply, reliable broadcast)
  • High-Speed Networking (ATM, cell switching, host adaptor design, OS implications, integrated services)

  • Fall 1997 course materials:
  • Syllabus
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  • Assignments
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  • Lecture Notes
  • Exams