Nache: Design and Implementation of a Caching Proxy for NFSv4

Ajay Gulati
Rice University
Houston TX-77005
Manoj Naik
IBM Almaden Research Center
San Jose, CA
Renu Tewari
IBM Almaden Research Center
San Jose, CA

Appeared in

Usenix FAST 2007

5th Usenix Conference on File and Storage Technologies

Feb 13-16, 2007
San Jose, CA

Abstract:  In this paper, we present Nache, a caching proxy for NFSv4, that
enables a consistent cache of a remote NFS server to be maintained and
shared across multiple local NFS clients.  Nache leverages the
features of NFSv4 to improve the performance of file accesses in a
wide-area distributed setting by bringing the data closer to the
client. Conceptually, Nache acts as an NFS server to the local clients
and as an NFS client to the remote server. To provide cache
consistency, Nache exploits the read and write delegations support in
NFSv4. Nache enables the cache to be shared among a set of local
clients, thereby, reducing conflicts and improving performance while
maintaining a consistent view. We have implemented Nache on the Linux
2.6 platform. Using the filebench benchmark and other workloads we
present the evaluation of Nache and show that it can reduce the server
operations from 10 to 50%.

Full Version is available in pdf, ps,html.
Slides from my FAST talk can be found here.