Suguman Bansal


  • Algorithmic analysis of Regular Repeated Games
    Master's Thesis, Rice University, 2016
  • Workshop Paper(s)

  • Chanakya: Computer-Aided Strategic Reasoning
    Suguman Bansal, Swarat Chaudhuri
    Off the Beaten Track (OBT) 2016
  • Poster(s)

  • Reasoning about Incentive Compatibility [Full] [Short] [Poster]
    Suguman Bansal
    ACM Student Reseach Competition (ACM-SRC) at POPL 2016
    Awarded Gold Medal at ACM-SRC at POPL-2016
  • Research Talks

  • Comparators for quantitative games
    Saarland University, March 2017
  • Comparators for quantitative games
    Dagstuhl seminar on Game Theory in AI, Logic and Algorithms, March 2017
  • Algorithmic Analysis of Regular Repeated Games
    M.Sc. Thesis Defense Talk, Rice University, April 2016
  • Reasoning about Selfishness
    Off the Beaten Track 2016, January 2016
  • Reasoning about Incentive Compatibility
    ACM SRC at POPL 2016, January 2016