SAIG'00 Program

ICFP Workshop, September 20th, 2000, Montreal.

Proceedings should be available online soon.

0830-0915 Invited talk: Implementing Closed Domain-Specific Languages,
                    Dick Kieburtz, OGI.
0915-0940 Compiling Embedded Languages,
                    Elliott, Finne and de Moor, Microsoft and Oxford.
0940-1005 Lightweight and Generative Components II:  Binary-level Components,
                    Kamin, Callahan and Clausen, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

1005-1025 Break

1025-1110 Invited talkRefinements and Automatic Development of Software,
                    Don Batory, Texas.
1110-1135 Fragmental Specialization,
                    Helsen and Thiemann, Freiburg.
1135-1200  A New Termination Condition for Specialization,
                    Song and Futamura, Waseda.

1200-1320 Lunch

1320-1405 Invited talkReasoning About Staged Computation
                    Frank Pfenning, CMU.
1405-1430 Multi-Stage Imperative Languages: A Conservative Extension Result,
                    Calcagno and Moggi, Genova.
1430-1455 Specification and Correctness of Lambda Lifting,
                    Fischbach and Hannan, Penn State.

1455-1505 Break

1505-1550 Invited talk: Specialization of System Programs: Lessons and Perspectives
                    Gilles Muller, IRISA.
1550-1615 On Jones-optimal specialization for strongly typed languages,
                    Makholm, DIKU.

1615-1625 Break

1625-1725 Panel presentations:
                Pragmatic Aspects of Reusable Program Generators,
                        Ramsey, Harvard.
                Type-based Useless-code Elimination for Functional Programs,
                        Berardi, Coppo, Damiani and Giannini, Torino and Piemonte Orientale.
                Code Generators for Automatic Tuning of Numerical Kernels: Experiences with FFTW,
                        Vuduc and Demmel, Berkeley.
                Generating Data Analysis Programs from Statistical Models,
                        Fischer, Shumann and Pressburger, NASA.
1725-1800 Panel Discussion