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Local Users:

Don't copy the graphics to your HTML directory, just use the URL of each image in your document (the <IMG SRC=...> tag) to refer to that graphic. That way you avoid keeping extra copies of all these GIFs around.

Non-Local Users:

Get your site administrator to download the file mentioned below. Please do not include links to the gifs on our server as we don't have the capacity to serve gifs for everyone's homepages. Also our server may be undergoing surgery/hacking and the gifs will be unavailable.

Site Admins

Please contact about mirroring these images on your site. Thanks for helping reduce the load on our server...

Stanford sites: There is a 50 K compressed TAR file and a zip file containing just the Stanford logos and the sample button bar documents.

The Whole Enchilada

The gifs and HTML pages have been collected in a 450K gifs.tar.Z file and a zip file. Set the Options|Load to disk on in Mosaic if you want to save the file instead of viewing it.

Place it just under the document root on your server and users can refer to the icons on your server using /gifs/arrow.plain.up.gif instead of a full HTTP reference.

MS-DOS users (and other FAT file system users): you need a decent unzipper to read the ZIP file, like INFO-ZIP's freeware Unzip from It allows the extraction of files with long filesnames, as in this archive.

People who want to use unzip on Unix boxen can download and compile the unzip512 source files. This also applies to VMS/Amiga/NT/Mac/OS2/Atari users. Precompiled self-extracting binaries are also available from the FTP site:

Please read the README file in the archive file before making the gifs available.

Small Nachos

If you only want the lines, they are available as lines.tar.Z (110 K). (83 K).

Similarly the buttons are available separatly as buttons.tar.Z (62 K). (42 K)