Four people deserve special thanks: Robert ``Corky'' Cartwright, who co-developed a predecessor of Rice's introductory course with the first author; Daniel P.\ Friedman, for asking the first author to rewrite The Little LISPer (also MIT Press) in 1984, because it started this project; John Clements, who designed, implemented, and maintains DrScheme's stepper; and Paul Steckler, who faithfully supported the team with contributions to our Scheme programming tool suite. The development of the book benefited from many other friends and colleagues who used it in their courses and/or gave detailed comments on early drafts. We are grateful to them for their help and their patience: Ian Barland, Corky Cartwright, John Clements, Bruce Duba, Mike Ernst, Kathi Fisler, Daniel P.\ Friedman, John Greiner, and John Stone. Peter Doyle, Christopher Felleisen, Geraldine Morin, and Valdemar Tamez also suggested improvements to early drafts. In addition, numerous attendees of our TeachScheme!\ workshops used early drafts in their classroom. Many sent in comments and suggestions. As representative of these we mention the following: Ms.\ Barbara Adler, Dr.\ Stephen Bloch, Mr.\ Jack Clay, Dr.\ Richard Clemens, Mr.\ Kyle Gillette, Ms.\ Karen Buras, Mr.\ Marvin Hernandez, Mr.\ Michael Hunt, Ms.\ Karen North, Mr.\ Jamie Raymond, and Mr.\ Robert Reid. Thank you.