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The pursuit of a Master of Computer Science degree is an ambitious undertaking. How do you know if a program is right for you? 

This fall, the Rice Master of Computer Science program is seeking to mitigate some of this risk through our “Try, Apply, Qualify” initiative. This fall, students interested in pursuing their MCS will have the opportunity to take one of four foundational courses with a 20% discount if you apply by July 24th. Upon acceptance and completion of the course, you can receive credit towards your degree if you choose to continue with Rice University. 

Through this initiative, students will gain valuable knowledge into the program to assure that Rice is the right choice. They will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their value to the program, which will be considered in the application review.  If the program is not right for a student or vice versa, the student will have gained masters-level experience, course knowledge and transferable credit. Students who are accepted in the program and choose to pursue this path will begin a step ahead with one course already completed.

Ready to Try, Apply and Qualify?


Take one of four foundational courses this fall with a 20% discount if you apply by July 24th 

Machine Learning

Course Description

Machine learning is the process of automatically inferring a function from a set of data. In essence, machine learning techniques seek to automate the inductive learning process that humans do so well. Furthermore, the availability of large training sets combined with significant computing power has made machine learning an extremely important body of knowledge across a large range of application domains. A small sample of some of the application domains includes robotics, medicine, speech/facial recognition, and driving autonomous vehicles. This course will focus on providing a foundational understanding of modern algorithms in machine learning, focusing on practical applications. See full course details.


Course Description

This introductory cybersecurity course includes topics relevant to core components of cybersecurity technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. Specifically how to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Topics include threat landscape, cryptography, malware, network security, and cloud security. See full course details. ​

Programming Languages

Course Description

This course covers important concepts of programming languages that are critical to understanding and constructing software artifacts. These concepts will be studied in the context of multiple programming paradigms, including functional and object-oriented programming. By using different paradigms, you will learn to think more deeply than in terms of a single approach or the syntax of one language. This course aims to provide a framework for understanding how to use language constructs effectively and how to design correct and elegant programs in any language. See full course details.


Course Descriptions

This course is an introduction to relational and other (NoSQL) database systems, SQL programming, and database design. This course will teach students how to understand trade-offs in database design, to create well-designed databases, and to develop proficiency in effectively managing data in a database. The course is focused on developing skills as a database designer and power-user. It also includes discussions of database implementation details to enable students to understand underlying system functionality and how that impacts decisions a database designer makes. See full course details. 

STEP TWO—Apply For Your Masters

If you like what you see during your class this fall semester, submit your MCS program application by November 2, 2020.


Upon acceptance, receive credit towards your degree!


Contact an enrollment coach today by filling out the “Get Program Details” form.


Disclaimer: Participation in the “Try, Apply, Qualify” initiative does not guarantee acceptance into the Rice Master of Computer Science program. Visiting students can take no more than three courses (9 credit hours) per semester. 



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