COMP 520 Two-Week Presentation Planning Guide

Two Weeks before Presentation
  • Carefully analyze the paper you have to present. 
  • Identify the paper's key points.
Ten Days before Presentation
  • Submit your answers to the questions in "Preparing a Seminar Talk on a Published Paper" to the instructor via e-mail.
One Week before Presentation
  • Submit your PowerPoint slides to the instructor via e-mail for review.
  • Schedule a practice session with the instructor.
Three Days before Presentation
  • Revise slides based on feedback from the instructor.
  • Complete the practice session with the instructor. Receive feedback. 
  • Make a list of questions that you anticipate being asked.
Presentation Day
  • Arrive ten minutes early to class to test the technical support.
  • Deliver presentation and receive feedback from instructors and peers.
  • Reflect on this experience. Did you communicate effectively? Did the audience understand the key points? Could you answer the audience's questions? What were your strengths and weaknesses (content, delivery, visuals, q & a)?