[Rice University]COMP 520 Presentation Schedule - Fall 2012

Topics are firm, but dates are subject to slight changes.

All students are expected to have read the paper by the time of the presentation, and to actively participate in questioning and discussion.
"Implementing Remote Procedure Calls"
A.D. Birrell and B.J. Nelson
August 22
"The Peregrine High-Performance RPC System"
D.B. Johnson and W. Zwaenepoel
August 24
A.D. Birrell et al.
August 27 Instructor
"Distributed Process Groups in the V Kernel''
D.R. Cheriton and W. Zwaenepoel
August 29
"Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System"
L. Lamport
August 31
Labor Day September 3 N/A
"Lightweight Causal and Atomic Group Multicast"
K. Birman et al.
September 5

"Understanding the Limitations of Causally and Totally Ordered Communication"
D.R. Cheriton and D. Skeen
September 7

"Memory Coherence in Shared Virtual Memory Systems"
K. Li and P. Hudak
September 10
Max Grossman/Bhargava Shastry
"TreadMarks: Shared Memory Computing on Networks of Workstations"
C. Amza et al.
September 12

"Run-Time Support for Distributed Sharing in Safe Languages"
Y. Hu et al.
September 14
Linge Dai/Ashrith Pillarisetti
TBA September 17 Instructor
"Scale and Performance in a Distributed File System"
J.H. Howard et al.
September 19
Wei Li/Dan Ma
"Caching in the Sprite Network File System"
M.N. Nelson et al.
September 21
Conglong Li/Yunming Zhang
"Disconnected Operation in the Coda File System"
J. Kistler and M. Satyanarayanan
September 24

"Serverless Network File Systems"
T. Anderson et al.
September 26
Sisi Cao / Lan Li
"The Google File System"
S. Ghemawat et al.
September 28
Zhou Liang/Yiwei Zhu
TBA October 1 Instructor
"Flexible Update Propagation for Weakly Consistent Replication"
K. Petersen et al.
October 3
Caleb Solano/Adrien Pellerin
"Locality-aware Request Distribution in Cluster-based Network Servers"
V. Pai et al.
October 5
Nithya Renganathan/Kevin Boos
"The Effectivenes of Request Redirection on CDN Robustness"
Wang et al.
October 8
Randolph Chang/Mehul Chadha
"End-to-End Arguments in System Design"
Saltzer et al. 
October 10
Daniel Aguisky/Alex Roe
Centennial Celebration October 12 N/A
"MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters"
J. Dean and S. Ghemawat
October 15
Bhargava Shastry/Max Grossman
TBA October 17 Instructor
"Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data"
Chang et al.
October 19 Yunming Zhang/Conglong Li
"Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets"
Melnik et al.
October 22
Linge Dai/Ashrith Pillarisetti
TBA October 24 Instructor
"Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications"
I. Stoica et al.
October 26
Sisi Cao/Lan Li
"Storage management and caching in PAST, a large scale, persistent peer-to-peer storage utility"
A. Rowstron and P. Druschel.
October 29
Wei Li/Dan Ma
TBA October 31 Instructor
"Enabling Conferencing Applications on the Internet using an Overlay Multicast Architecture"
Chu et al.
November 2
Zhou Liang/Yiwei Zhu
"Dynamo: Amazon's Highly Available Key-value Store"
DeCandia et al.
November 5 Nithya Renganathan/Kevin Boos
TBA November 7 Instructor
"The Byzantine Generals Problem"
L. Lamport et al.
November 9
Adrien Pellerin/Caleb Solano
"Pond: The OceanStore Prototype"
S. Rhea et al.
November 12
TBA November 14 Instructor
"Paxos Made Simple"
L. Lamport
November 16

"Paxos Replicated State Machines as the Basis of a High-Performance Data Store"
W. Bolosky et al.
November 19
Randolph Chang/Mehul Chadha
TBA November 21 Instructor
Thanksgiving Recess November 23 N/A
Project Presentations
November 26
Project Presentations
November 28
Project Presentations
November 30