[Rice University] COMP 413: Distributed Program Construction

This course focuses on modern principles for the construction of distributed programs, with an emphasis on design patterns, modern programming tools, distributed object systems and peer-to-peer technologies.  The material will be applied in a substantial software design/construction project.

Credit hours: 4
Prerequisites: COMP 312, COMP421 or permission of instructor
Enrollment: Limited to about 15 students

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  • Fall 2003 teaching assistants:
    Name email Office hour Location
    Alan Mislove amislove@cs.rice.edu TBD TBD
    Atul Singh atuls@cs.rice.edu TBD TBD

    Additional labby office hours may be posted before project due dates.
    Instructor office hours: by appointment, DH3020
    Class meetings: TBD
    During the first week, class will meet in DH2014 (Tue) and DH3076 (Thu), respectively.

    Fall 2003 materials:

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