KelpIO is a high-level C++ I/O library for application I/O, checkpointing, snapshoting, and out-of-core execution for programs written in the KeLP programming system.

KelpIO allows the programmer to express their input/output requirements using the high-level geometric notation of KeLP. KelpIO translates the high-level geometric notation of the application into the lower-level forms required by the underlying (parallel) I/O library. KelpIO does not duplicate these libraries; it simply provides a higher, more application-centric interface that allows programmers to implement the needed I/O more rapidly.

KelpIO also allows a KeLP program to be rapidly converted into out-of-core form. Programs can be structured so that they can be easily compiled into either in-core or out-of-core forms.

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Development of KelpIO was supported in part through the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI).

This page was last updated on March 22, 2001.