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Supporting high-level, machine-independent parallel programming requires:
  1. aggressive parallelizing compilers with advanced program analysis and code generation capabilities; and
  2. tools that enable a programmer to develop and tune programs at the source language level, without having to understand the complex, machine-dependent code generated by a parallelizing compiler.
Achieving both these goals requires sophisticated compilation technology as well as close cooperation between parallelizing compilers and tools in order to support source-level application development.


The Fortran D95 language

The dHPF Compiler

The D Editor *

The dPablo Performance Tool *

Automatic data layout techniques *

FIAT: Framework for Interprocedural Analysis and Transformation

Participation in POEMS

* These tools were originally based on the Fortran D compiler (our previous generation compiler), but are currently being ported to dHPF.

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Last updated on 24 July 1997.
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