United Media's fourth letter

Date:         Mon, 29 Jul 1996 21:28:44 -0500
From:         Jonathan Shapiro <jonathans@unitedmedia.com>
Subject:      Re: Unauthorized display of Dilbert -Reply
To:           jparker@baker-hostetler.com
Cc:           dwallach@CS.Princeton.EDU

Please be sure that Princeton University's legal department is aware of Mr. Wallach's actions and subsequent position.

Thanks for the help.


>>> Dan Wallach <dwallach@CS.Princeton.EDU> 07/26/96 06:02pm >>>
I am presently looking into getting my own counsel. As soon as I have that counsel's advice, I will let you know how I stand. I expect I will have a response for you within a week.

Thanks much,

Dan Wallach
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University

Dan Wallach, CS Department, Rice University
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