The Dilbert Hack Page is Gone

Date:      Sun Aug 04 20:52:18  1996
Subject:   The Dilbert Hack Page is Gone

After I send this letter, I will be removing the page which led to our dispute. When you have a chance, I would invite you to visit the page I've written to replace it. I've archived our correspondence and other materials I believe will be a useful reference for future lawyers and computer security researchers. I believe that this archive will also act as a deterrent to others who may wish to create similar pages.

I am including two items for which I would like your explicit permission to place on my Web page:

I believe this settles our dispute. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your time,

Dan Wallach
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University

Dan Wallach, CS Department, Rice University
Last modified: Sun Aug 04 20:59:27 1996