Dan Wallach / Pictures of Me

Do I look like my old officemate in 1994?
How about this picture from my undergrad days?
Click here for some digital distortions.
Click here for a cool 512K MPEG.
Spring 1996 ``official'' photo.
Summer 1995 near Seattle
Spring 1996 in Oxford, England (probably my favorite)
Fall 1997 in St. Malo, France (with Leendert van Doorn)
July 1998 in Washington, D.C. (at the Smithsonian's Star Wars exhibit)
August 1999 in Dallas, Texas (at my 10th high school reunion)
October 1999 in Austin, Texas (at the Indigo Swing concert)
July 2000 near Seattle
August 2000 in Houston, Texas (posing with Amy Pita at the H-Town workshop)
December 2000, near Seattle (with a Trident nuclear submarine)
December 2000 in Ft. Warden, Washington (doing my Austin Powers immitation at Swing Out Northwest)
July 2001 in Montreal (at the Montreal International Swing Dance Festival)
July 2001 in Montreal (also at MISDF, similar pose to the Amy Pita pic, above)
October 2001, Halloween, DJing at Numbers
July 2004, The Computer Ate My Vote, press conference in Austin, Texas
July 2005, Carter-Baker Commission on Election Reform

Dan Wallach, CS Department, Rice University
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