REUNITE: A Recursive Unicast Approach to Multicast


Despite ten years of research and development, global deployment of IP multicast is still far from being the reality. One of the primary challenges is that existing IP multicast routing protocols scale poorly with large number of groups as each router needs to maintain a multicast forwarding table entry for every group whose distribution tree passes through the router. We propose a novel multicast scheme called REUNITE (REcursive UNicast TreE). Unlike all existing IP multicast protocols, REUNITE does not use class D IP addresses. The entire protocol is based on unicast forwarding. Multicast data forwarding is implemented with a novel technique called recursive unicast. Compared with existing IP multicast solutions, REUNITE has several important advantages:


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Ion Stoica, T. S. Eugene Ng, Hui Zhang, "REUNITE: A Recursive Unicast Approach to Multicast", INFOCOM'00, Tel-Aviv, Israel, March 2000. [.ps.gz] [.pdf] The Technical Report version is also available. [.ps.gz] [.pdf]

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