Guohua Jin, John Mellor-Crummey, and Robert Fowler. Increasing temporal locality with skewing and recursive blocking. In Proceedings of SC2001, Denver, CO, Nov 2001. Distributed on CDROM. [ps], [pdf]

We present a strategy, called recursive prismatic time skewing, that increase temporal reuse at all memory hierarchy levels, thus improving the performance of scientific codes that use iterative methods. Prismatic time skewing partitions iteration space of multiple loops into skewed prisms with both spatial and temporal (or convergence) dimensions. Novel aspects of this work include: multi-dimensional loop skewing; handling carried data dependences in the skewed loops without additional storage; bi-directional skewing to accommodate periodic boundary conditions; and an analysis and transformation strategy that works inter-procedurally. We combine prismatic skewing with a recursive blocking strategy to boost reuse at all levels in a memory hierarchy. A preliminary evaluation of these techniques shows significant performance improvements compared both to original codes and to methods described previously in the literature. With an inter-procedural application of our techniques, we were able to reduce total primary cache misses of a large application code by 27% and secondary cache misses by 119%.