Over the years I have developed and contributed to several software packages and web services:

The Open Motion Planning Library

OMPL is a lightweight, thread-safe, easy-to-use, and extensible library for sampling-based motion planning. The code is written in C++, includes Python bindings and is released under the BSD license. OMPL is also integrated with the Robot Operating System (ROS). On top of the OMPL library, we have developed a GUI for rigid body motion planning that allows users to load a variety of mesh formats that define a robot and its environment, define start and goal states, and play around with different planners. This is joint work with Ioan Sucan, Ryan Luna, Matt Maly, and many others.

The DINC Server

A web server for incremental molecular docking of large ligands and peptides. This is joint work with Dinler Antunes, Didier Devaurs, Ankur Dhanik and several others.

The LabelHash Server

A web server for matching 3D structural motifs in proteins against the proteins in the Protein Data Bank. With a plugin for Chimera the match results can be visualized. This is joint work with Drew Bryant.

The FASST Live Server

FASST Live is a web server for identifying clusters of proteins that share local structural similarity. This is mainly the work of Drew Bryant.


I maintain a number of scientific software ports for MacPorts, an Open Source package manager for OS X.