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  1. Babalu, 1002 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
    We've only had breakfast and desserts here, but this place packs 'em in all the time. Leave room for dessert - you won't regret it.
  2. Back on the Beach, 445 Pacific Coast Hwy., Santa Monica
    This place is literally on the beach. There are picnic tables set up in the sand. The food is very good, but the service is slow, so be prepared for a leisurely breakfast.
  3. Border Grill, 1445 4th St., Santa Monica
    Eclectic Mexican
    This place classifies itself "Cal-Mex," whatever that is. It is on the pricey side, but the food is fantastic.
  4. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., 301 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica
    This is a restaurant on the Santa Monica pier. The food is decent, and it has a great view. Come armed with knowledge of "Forrest Gump" because the staff will quiz you.
  5. C&O Trattoria, 31 Washington Blvd., Venice
    This is a large restaurant on Venice Beach, just a few minutes from Santa Monica. The food is good, but the atmosphere is even better. About every 30 minutes, the staff and patrons stop what they're doing to toast one another and sing "That's Amore." Fun place.
  6. Cha Cha Chicken, 1906 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica
    Extremely casual and inexpensive. This is an order-at-the-counter place, and all seating is on a patio.
  7. Jinky's Cafe, 1447 Second St., Santa Monica
    This place serves general breakfast dishes, with a wide variety of waffles.
  8. Kay & Dave's Cantina, 262 26th St., Santa Monica
    Mexican food in California is different from Tex Mex: less cheese and more vegetables. This is a small place near Santa Monica's border with Brentwood. Rosemary gives it two tamales up.
  9. Library Ale House, 2911 Main St., Santa Monica
    Mexican/Gourmet Burgers & Sandwiches, etc.
    This is our favorite place in Santa Monica. It is technically a bar with a wide variety of beers, but there is a beautiful patio in the back where we always sit. It doesn't feel like a bar; we've seen lots of kids here. Mucho yummies.
  10. Omelette Parlor, 2732 Main St., Santa Monica
    As the name implies, this place has an extensive list of omelettes and other breakfast fare. Good stuff.
  11. Spumoni Italian Restaurant, 713 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
    This is a small, casual place in the Montana Avenue shopping district (near our house). They serve the best Italian we've found so far.
  12. Urth Caffe, 2327 Main St., Santa Monica
    Coffee House/Cafe
    This place is on Main St. in Santa Monica, which is a great area. They serve sandwiches, salads, desserts, etc. It can get a little crowded.
  13. Wolfgang Puck Express, 1315 3rd St Promenade, Santa Monica
    Fast Food
    This is the best fast food we've found. It is in a food court on the 3rd Street Promenade shopping district, and has a surprisingly nice second story patio for great people watching. It serves pizzas, sandwiches, salads, etc.
  14. World Cafe, 2820 Main St., Santa Monica
    This is another restaurant on Main St. It has a nice atmosphere and a fantastic patio. However, it is a little on the expensive side.