Despite the fact that Duncan Hall has a decent reputation for its architectural design, if you ever stop by my office, it is not hard to understand why I keep complaining about its poor location. To make things even worse, it doesn't have a ceiling, so it is very vulnerable to all sort of distractions, to name a few, discussions from W. M. Keck conference room and RACUUM lab, hall way conversations/chit chats, Martel Hall events, and many others. If you really pay attention, you can even hear people use the microwave from the Computer Science department kitchen.

Although I have a noise cancelling headset in my office, it isn't always helpful.

So, to keep myself sane and productive, I tend to come to my office during quiet hours - evenings and weekends.

That said, I can better serve as your TA and help you with your assignments and exam preparations, if you can make certain accommodations:

  1. Leverage Piazza, Canvas, email, Skype, text message, and all kinds of online communication channels;
  2. Make appointments with me during quiet hours;
  3. If you decide to come over to my office during my office hours, I will appreciate it if you drop a quick email notice to me ahead of time.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to working together with you.

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