I have developed CodeSkulptor and CodeSkulptor3, browser-based Python environments for devloping interactive applications. We are using these environments in our Coursera courses and at Rice.

We are happy to see CodeSkulptor used for educational purposes. Currently, these tools are used in high schools and colleges throughout the world. Feel free to drop my a line if you are using CodeSkulptor and find it valuable!

Open Source


I am a member of the Skulpt project and have made significant contributions to the project. Skulpt is the underlying Python interpreter for CodeSkulptor and CodeSkulptor3.


The connection-level parallelism strategies described in our research paper “An Evaluation of Network Stack Parallelization Strategies in Modern Operating Systems“ were adapted and implemented within FreeBSD 9.0.


The code that we proposed to fix a scheduler bug in our research paper “Scheduling I/O in Virtual Machine Monitors” was adapted and implemented within Linux 2.6.39.

Owl Embedded Python

We developed an embedded Python run-time system for 32-bit microcontrollers. The overall system is described in our research paper “Design and Implementation of an Embedded Python Run-Time System”.