COMP 382: Reasoning about Algorithms: Fall 2016

Policy on attendance and laptops

As a general policy, laptops are not permitted in class.

We will not take attendance at the lectures. However, you are strongly encouraged to attend every lecture. We will mark participation in labs. Participation in labs will account for 10% of the course credit.



We will have seven homework assignments, roughly one every two weeks. Late homework will generally not be accepted. If there are extenuating circumstances, you should make arrangements at least 48 hours in advance with the instructor. Only serious excuses will be considered in cases where prior arrangements were not made.

You will need to submit hard copies of solutions. Assignments need to be typed, although you are allowed to use hand-drawn figures. In addition, you must upload a soft copy of each submission on Canvas.

You should be as clear and concise as possible in your write-up of solutions. Understandability of your answer is as desirable as correctness, because communication of technical material is an important skill. A simple, direct analysis is worth more points than a convoluted one, both because it is simpler and less prone to error and because it is easier to read and understand. Points may be subtracted for solutions that are too long.

Collaboration and Honesty Policy: Collaboration on homework problems is permitted, but not encouraged. Before working with others on a problem, you should think about it yourself for some time. Finding answers to problems on the Web or from other outside sources (these include anyone not enrolled in the class) is strictly forbidden. You must write up each problem solution by yourself without assistance, even if you collaborate with others to solve the problem. You must also identify your collaborators. It is a violation of this policy to submit a problem solution that you cannot orally explain to an instructor or TA.


In addition to the assignments, we will have two in-class midterm examinations (we will announce details about these later) and a final.

No collaboration whatsoever is permitted on exams. Violations of this policy will be dealt with according to University regulations.

Credit breakdown

The breakdown of credit in the course is as follows: