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NSV 2012: Fifth International Workshop on Numerical Software Verification

July 7-8, 2012
Berkeley, California, USA

[Colocated with CAV 2012]


We live in an era where numerical computing is becoming more and more important. For one, computing is increasingly integrated with sensor-driven perceptions of the physical world. Secondly, intensive numerical simulations are key to coping with some of biggest scientific challenges of the day (for example climate change). As a third example, numerics-heavy multimedia applications such as games and image manipulation systems are perhaps the popular forms of consumer software at this point. Given the increasing complexity of numerical software, it is imperative to develop logical and mathematical techniques that would allow greater programmability and software reliability in this space. The NSV workshop is dedicated to the current development and future prospects of such techniques.

The scope of the workshop includes, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Models and abstraction techniques for numerical programs
  • Formal specification, verification, and synthesis of numerical programs
  • Quality of finite precision implementations
  • Propagation of uncertainties, deterministic and probabilistic models
  • Tradeoffs between quality of service and resource (for example energy) consumption in programs
  • Hybrid systems verification and synthesis
  • Application domains such as embedded software, scientific computing, and multimedia, graphics, and gaming.

The two-day workshop will include several invited talks, presentations of contributed papers, and discussion periods. The contributed papers will be distributed before-hand on the CAV memory stick.


The workshop program is available here.

Call for inpromptu talks

As part of NSV 2012, we would like to organize a session of short and fun impromptu talks by the participants. The talks can be on any idea that is relevant (or totally irrelevant!) to the workshop topic.

Talks can be as long as 10 minutes.

The session is being planned for post-lunch on Sunday July 8th at 1:30. Please send us a brief abstract and title for your talk. Please email the organizers with your information ( and

The session may be cancelled if we do not have enough interest.

Important information

Registration Please register through the CAV 2012 registration system
Workshop July 7-8, 2012
Workshop location Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall, EECS department, UC Berkeley

Invited speakers

Colocated conferences

NSV 2012 is colocated with CAV 2012.

Program committee

Swarat Chaudhuri (Co-chair) Rice University
Sriram Sankaranarayanan (Co-chair) University of Colorado, Boulder
Erika Abraham RWTH Aachen University
Azadeh Farzan University of Toronto
Stefan Ratschan Czech Academy of Sciences
Eric Goubault CEA/Saclay
Sylvie Putot CEA-LIST (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique)
Georgios Fainekos Arizona State University
Franjo Ivancic NEC Laboratories America