NSF/CISE Workshop on The Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science

Room 110, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

January 22, 2001

Organizer: Moshe Y. Vardi

The workshop is open to the general public.

Background: During the past twenty five years there has been extensive, continuous, and growing interaction between logic and computer science. In many respects, logic provides computer science with both a unifying foundational framework and a tool for modeling. In fact, logic has been called ``the calculus of computer science''. This workshop will provide an overview of the surprising effectiveness of logic in computer science by presenting some of the areas in which logic played a crucial role in computer science.

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8:15a.m.--8:45a.m. Registration and Coffee/Donuts
8:45a.m.--9:00a.m. Welcoming Remarks by the Organizers and NSF Official: 
9:00a.m.--9:45a.m. Moshe Y. Vardi: Logic as The Calculus of Computer Science (click for slides)
10:00a.m.--10:45a.m. Ken McMillan: The Role of Logic in Computer Systems Verification (click for slides)
11:00a.m.--11:45a.m. Victor Vianu: Logic as a Query Language--from Frege to XML (click for slides)
12:00a.m.--1:15p.m. Lunch Break
1:15p.m.--2:00p.m. Neil Immerman: Descriptive Complexity (click for slides)
2:15p.m.--3:00p.m. Peter Lee: Types, Proofs, and Safe Mobile Code--Programming Languages in an Interconnected World (click for slides)
3:15p.m.--4:00p.m. Jonathan K. Millen: Applications of Logic in Computer Security (click for slides)
4:15p.m.--5:00p.m. General Discussion

Lodging: Holiday Inn -- Arlington Ballston, 4610 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203, Tel: 703-243-9800. Please call to guarantee room by 12-22-00. After this date the room will be released. YOU MUST IDENTIFY YOURSELF UNDER THE " NSF-CISE WORKSHOP"