Xin Sunny Huang Ph.D. Student in Computer Science at Rice University


  • I will attend SIGCOMM 2018 in August. See you in Budapest!
  • I will be speaking in the computer systems track at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 in September. See you in Houston!
  • About Me

    I am a Ph.D. student in computer science at Rice University, working with Eugene Ng in BOLD (Big Data and Optical Lightpaths Driven Lab). I am interested in networks, systems, and big data.

    Before Rice, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2013. I have also interned at Google (2016, 2015) and Morgan Stanley (2012).

    I grew up in Guangzhou (a.k.a. Canton). Besides computer science, food (especially "dim sum" and Cantonese cuisine), arts, and sports never fail to fascinate me. I speak Cantonese (natively), English (professionally), and Mandarin Chinese (poorly). Además, I am learning Spanish.



    Fall '16, '15, '14 COMP 429, TA Introduction to Computer Networks
    Spring '15 COMP 421, TA Operating Systems
    Spring '14 COMP 221, TA Introduction to Computer Systems


    Spring '15 COMP 411 Principles of Programming Languagess
    Spring '15 COMP 422 Parallel Computing
    Fall '14 COMP 440 Artificial Intelligence
    Fall '14 COMP 425 Computer Systems Architecture
    Spring '14 COMP 482 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    Spring '14 COMP 571 Bioinformatics: Sequence Analysis
    Spring '14 COMP 421 Operating Systems
    Fall '13 COMP 429 Introduction to Computer Networks
    Fall '13 COMP 524 Mobile and Wireless Networking
    Fall '13 ELEC 537 Communication Networks


    Contact Me

    xinh [AT] rice [DOT] edu

    6100 Main St. MS-132
    Rice University Computer Science
    Houston, TX, 77005