Jaeho Lee

Jaeho Lee

Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science
Rice University

MS-132, 6100 Main St.
Houston TX 77005-1892

email (@rice.edu): jaeho.lee
office: DH1083

I am a father of two adorable daughters, a husband of a cute wife, and a son of lovely parents and respectable father-in-law, and a Ph.D. student with great advisors. I'm struggling every day to do my best in my given roles. Often frustrated, but I always feel lucky and appreciate that I am together with those people, always learning from them, and being a needed man for them.

My research interests are in mobile system security, and currently, I'm focusing on protecting sensitive data in memory, playing with Android, working in Rice Security Lab, advised by Prof. Dan S. Wallach. Also, I'm advised and working with Prof. Ang Chen.

Research Interests

Mobile/Network Security, Memory Forensics, Program Analysis