Dan Wallach
Program Manager, DARPA Information Innovation Office
Deutsches Museum, July 2015

I'm currently on leave from Rice, working as a program manager at DARPA's Information Innovation Office (I2O). Otherwise, I'm still a professor in Rice University's Department of Computer Science (also the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering), specializing in computer security. My research interests include mobile code, wireless and smartphone security, and the security of electronic voting systems. I'm also a Rice Scholar at the Baker Institute for Public Policy.


I'm not teaching while I'm at DARPA, but you might be interested in previous courses I've taught.


All my papers are available online. You can see some of my talks. You may be interested in our tamper evident data structures, the Rice Wireless Localization Toolkit, VoteBox, or our Android extensions. My manuscript on rebooting the CS publication process has also been very popular.

Voting Security

Testimony before the Texas Senate Special Committee on Election Security, February 2018. Post-hearing letter.

Testimony before the U.S. Congress Space, Science, & Technology Committee on Voting Security, September 2016. Post-testimony Q&A, October 2016.

Voting System Risk Assessment via Computational Complexity Analysis, August 2008.

California Top-to-Bottom Review / Hart-InterCivic Source Code Review, July 2007.

A good list of older voting-related publications can be found at the ACCURATE web site.


You may also be interested in my recent work with Microsoft and VotingWorks on cryptographically verifiable election technologies:
arlo-cvr-encryption (for verifiable risk limiting audits)
ElectionGuard: Python (reference code), TypeScript (client-side, EG 1.0), and Kotlin (Multiplatform, EG 1.51, experimental)

Other places to find me: GitHub, Google Scholar, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, Keybase, or Medium.

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Department of Computer Science
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