Kodak is not the best PhotoCD processor

Since I was a kid, I've always been taking pictures. In high school, I got much more serious about it, working for the newspaper and yearbook, and taking some serious art classes during the summer. During my undergrad at Berkeley, I had neither darkroom access nor time to pursue things, but I've gotten back into it lately. I'm particularly enamored with digital photography, where I can do everything I used to do in a darkroom without messing with photo chemistry.

For those who are interested, I wrote a guide to taking social dancing pictures.

July 2009: Sequoia National Park and Las Vegas
July 2009: France (Loire Valley and Paris)
May 2009: Switzerland (Ascona and Zurich)
September 2008: Hurricane Ike
February 2006: AVM Lever Voting Machine
October 2005: Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers, HSDS Halloween Party
March 2005: Great Southwest Lindyfest, Houston
March 2005: Nice, Antibes, and Eze
March 2005: More Garden Photos
February 2005: Cornell Campus, Ithaca, NY
Spring/Summer 2004: Garden Closeups
April 2004: Michael Williams' Going Away Party
March 2004: Great Southwest Lindyfest, Houston
October 2003, HotLX: Houston Lindy Exchange
May 2003, Hawaii: Kauaii and the Big Island
April 2003, Our Garden
December 2002, Swingout Northwest
April 2002, Julee Mertz and Chris Yee RSDS Workshop
November 2001, The Wedding of Dana Chipkin and Matthew Hiltzik
July 2001, Montreal International Swing Dance Festival
June 2001, My New Yard
June 9, 2001, Tropical Storm Allison
December 2000, Swingout Northwest
November 2000, Austin Lindy Exchange
October 2000, San Diego
Fall 1999, Miscellaneous
October 1999, Mexico City
Fall 1998, Houston and Elsewhere
Summer 1998 on the East Coast
May 1998 Job Hunt
October 1997 in France
Summer 1997 in Northern California
April 1997 in Zürich, Switzerland
March 1997 in Amsterdam, Holland
March 1997 in Leuven, Belgium
February 1997 in Lower Manhattan, New York
January 1997 in Key West, Florida
Summer 1996 at Netscape
Look Right: My one-week trip to Oxford and London (March 1996)
Winter 1995-96 in Princeton, NJ (plus some family in Massachusetts)
Summer 1995 in Seattle, WA

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