Tropical Storm Allison
Houston Flood, 9 June 2001

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Maybe you read about Tropical Storm Allison, and all the water it dumped on Houston? I made it home fine the previous night by taking Kirby and Shepherd. In the morning, however, my route home was deeply under water. White Oak Bayou had overflown its banks.
Here's a panorama of the Durham Bridge (Quicktime VR, 2.9MB).

I-45 wasn't doing much better.

The signs tell the story.

You have to feel sorry for some of the cars that didn't make it (although the Suburban sure did make a good effort).

Wandering south along the shore of I-45, the local roads were flooded as well. Many people foolishly ignored a home-made sign and found impassable roads and flooded apartments shortly afterward.

After the water receded, you could get across the White Oak Bayou and then you could see I-10 and Hwy. 59. Apparently looters were trying to steal beer from the Budweiser truck.

Dan Wallach, CS Department, Rice University
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