Julee Mertz and Chris Yee's RSDS Workshop

April 2002

other photos, notes on taking good dance photos

Swing! was coming to town, so I e-mailed Julee Mertz, who was one of the performers, to see if she would be appearing. She told me that she had left the show, deciding to get back to teaching rather than touring. Next thing you know, the Rice Social Dance Society was hosting Julee Mertz and long-time collaborator Chris Yee for a weekend workshop here in Houston. Here are pictures from our Friday night dance.

Beforehand, they did manage to get some sun. Chris dedicated this moment to all the beautiful women.

Nobody truly understands the twins.
Ryan's style influences us all.

Maybe we should have more workshops. Everybody was enjoying themselves, under the skilled spinning of DJ Kristina.
Phil is always the ladies' man.
Vanessa strikes a pose!

Dan Wallach, CS Department, Rice University
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