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·  Work address – 6100 South Main, Houston Tx, 77251

·  Office – 3114 Duncan

·  Work phone – (713) 348-5728

·  Fax number – (713) 348-5930

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Research interest - click here for a list of my recent research papers or browse the area summaries below.


Graphics and geometric modeling


I am actively interested in subdivision, a fractal-method for modeling smooth curves and surface. Subdivision surfaces are the industry-standard for entertainment and modeling applications.  I have written a book on the topic and consider one of the world’s leading experts in the area.




I also publish papers on topics such as mesh modeling, contouring, deformation in forums such as SIGGRAPH. Two recent Ph.D. students of mine, Tao Ju and Scott Schaefer, are now CS faculty at Washington U. and Texas A&M.






I have helped develop a 3D atlas for storing spatial gene expression patterns over the mouse brain.  Collaborators on this project include Tao Ju, James Carson, Gregor Eichele (Baylor), Wah Chiu (Baylor) and Ioannis Kaiadiaris (UH).




I am also working on a project to model the 3D motion of the human lung from time-varying 3D CT images (4D CT).  Collaborators include Travis McPhail and Thomas Guerrero (MD Anderson).





Computer gaming



I teach Comp 460, a class on computer game development, every spring.  The goal of the class is to build the best game possible in the course of a semester.  I am currently in the process of developing a joint gaming program with Pi Studios, a local gaming company.




In conjunction with Tony Elam, I am involved in a project to develop an environment for fast prototyping of board games.  Travis McPhail and Etiene Vouga are leading the technical design of this environment.






 I also teach Comp 110, an introductory computing course for non-CS scientists and engineers.  Instead of being lecture-based, the course has a lab-based style in which students work through Mathematica notebooks at their own pace in the Symonds II lab.



Working with Aaron Hertzmann, I developed GRACE (the Graphical Ruler And Compass Editor).  GRACE is an interactive Java applet that lets students create dynamic constructions and generate proofs of their correctness. GRACE won the 1998 Quest for Java award.