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Usually not to be used by applications. More...

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void init (int type, int level)
 Initializes the compression engine.

Static Public Attributes

static final int INFLATER = 0
 Constant for inflating (decompressing) mode.
static final int DEFLATER = 1
 Constant for deflating (compressing) mode.

Detailed Description

Usually not to be used by applications.

An object supporting compression and decompression of data streams. If during key exchange some compression protocol was negiotated, this protocol name is looked up in the Session.getConfig session configuration} to retrieve the class name to be used for compressing/decompressing the data stream.

Then an instance is created with the no-argument constructor, and initialized with the init method.

One Compression object will be used either for compression or decompression, not both.

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Member Function Documentation

void com.jcraft.jsch.Compression.init ( int  type,
int  level 

Initializes the compression engine.

type one of INFLATER or DEFLATER. In the first case the library later will only call uncompress, in the second case only compress.
level the compression level. This is only relevant for the DEFLATER mode.

Implemented in com.jcraft.jsch.jcraft.Compression.

Member Data Documentation

final int com.jcraft.jsch.Compression.DEFLATER = 1 [static]

Constant for deflating (compressing) mode.

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Referenced by com.jcraft.jsch.jcraft.Compression.init().

final int com.jcraft.jsch.Compression.INFLATER = 0 [static]

Constant for inflating (decompressing) mode.

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Referenced by com.jcraft.jsch.jcraft.Compression.init().

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