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Usually not to be used by applications. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Buffer (int size)
 creates a Buffer with given size.
 Buffer (byte[] buffer)
 Creates a buffer using the given array as backing store.
 Buffer ()
 Creates a buffer with a default size of 20 KB.
void putByte (byte foo)
 puts one byte into the buffer.

Package Attributes

final byte[] tmp = new byte[4]
byte[] buffer
int index
int s

Detailed Description

Usually not to be used by applications.

A chunk of bytes together with methods to access them. This implements the low-level protocol elements used by the different layers of the SSH protocol.

The Buffer maintains a current index (from where on the put methods write, updating it on the way) and an getOffSet offset}. The offset is used by the get methods to read (and they update the offset, too). If a buffer is used for both reading and writing, the index should normally be bigger than the offset. Initially both are 0.

See also:
RFC 4251, section 5. Data Type Representations Used in the SSH Protocols

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.Buffer ( int  size  ) 

creates a Buffer with given size.

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References com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.buffer, com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.index, and com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.s.

com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.Buffer ( byte[]  buffer  ) 

Creates a buffer using the given array as backing store.

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References com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.index, and com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.s.

com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.Buffer (  ) 

Creates a buffer with a default size of 20 KB.

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Member Function Documentation

void com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.putByte ( byte  foo  ) 

Member Data Documentation

byte [] com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.buffer [package]
int com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.s [package]
final byte [] com.jcraft.jsch.Buffer.tmp = new byte[4] [package]

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