(More Appropriately:) An Introduction to Population Genetics and Phylogenetics
Fall 2010

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. Name Email address Office hours
Instructor Luay K. Nakhleh by appointment, DH 3119
Teaching Assistant Natalie Yudin by appointment, DH 3111

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Course Information

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Course Material

Course material (homework assignments, schedule of topics, slides, etc.) will be posted in this section.

Slides Set # Topic Slides Homework assignments
1 Administrivia and background material PDF
2 Mathematical/computational techniques: A brief background PDF
3 Genotype frequencies PDF hw1, Ruderfer et al. 2006
4 Genetic drift and effective population size PDF hw2, Nordborg 1998
5 Population structure and gene flow PDF hw3
6 Mutation PDF hw4
7 Natural selection PDF The Wright (1931) paper (Evolution in Mendelian Populations)
8 Molecular evolution PDF hw5
9 Sequence alignment: A general overview PDF
10 Sequence alignment: Scoring schemes PDF
11 Pairwise sequence alignment: Dynamic programming algorithms PDF
12 Pairwise sequence alignment: HMMs and statistical significance Coming soon
13 Multiple sequence alignment Coming soon
14 Phylogenetics: Recovering evolutionary history PDF
15 Phylogenetics: Building phylogenetic trees PDF
16 Phylogenetics: Theory and algorithms Coming soon

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