About Me

I'm a first-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Rice University working with Prof. Moshe Vardi. My current research interests are in model counting and sampling.

Previously, I received my B.S. from Computer Science Dept. in Nanjing University, advised by Prof. Gong Cheng and did some work of Question Answering.


Rice University Sep 2018 -

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Statistical Machine Learning, Spring 2019
Probilitistic Algorithms and Data Structures, Spring 2019
Logic in Computer Science, Fall 2018
Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Fall 2018

Nanjing University, National Elite Program Sep 2014 - Jun 2018

B.S. in Computer Science


Towards Answering Geography Questions in Gaokao: A Hybrid Approach
Zhiwei Zhang, Lingling Zhang, Hao Zhang, Weizhuo He, Zequn Sun, Gong Cheng, Qizhi Liu, Xinyu Da, Yuzhong Qu
In Proceedings of the 2018 China Conference on Knowledge Graph and Semantic Computing (CCKS'18) 2018.
Abstract. Answering geography questions in a university’s entrance exam (e.g., Gaokao in China) is a new AI challenge. In this paper, we analyze the difficulties in problem understanding and solving, suggesting the necessity of developing novel methods. We present a pipeline approach which mixes information retrieval techniques with knowledge engineering and exhibits an interpretable problem solving process. Our implementation integrates question parsing, semantic matching, and spreading activation over a knowledge graph to generate answers. We report its promising performance on a representative sample of 1,863 questions used in real exams. Our analysis of failures reveals a number of open problems to be addressed in the future.


"Fourier Analysis on Boolean Functions and its Applications", LAPIS meeting, Rice University Oct 18, 2018


TA of COMP 408/548: Verified Programming, Rice University 2019 Spring

TA of Problem Solving(III), Nanjing University 2017 Fall


  • First Prize, National Elite Program Scholarship (top 10% in Elite Program) CS Dept., Nanjing University, 2017
  • Elite student (top 5% in university) Nanjing University, 2016
  • First Prize in Province (top 3% of all competitors), the Mathematical Competition of Senior High School of China 2013


  • Music: singing, playing piano
  • (e)Sports: table tennis, badminton, Dota, FIFA

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