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RiceNIC Tech Report

Last updated: January 2007

Download Tech Report [PDF]

The technical report first describes how a commodity network interface functions and references existing reconfigurable and programmable NICs used in research and education. Then, it presents the RiceNIC hardware platform which on the Avnet FPGA development card. The high-level NIC architecture built on the two FPGAs is described in detail, including the MAC and DMA units, the hardware event architecture, mailboxes, and multiple NIC memories that are provided. The completed baseline RiceNIC design is benchmarked for performance comparisons. Finally, the RiceNIC is used in two example applications, as described in the Applications section.

RiceNIC Poster

Last updated: January 2007

Download Poster: [PowerPoint] [JPEG]

A poster on the RiceNIC was created for the Rice ECE Corporate Affiliates Day on September 7th, 2006. The poster shows the NIC, FPGA architecture, FPGA device utilization and placement map, and the NIC throughput on a TCP streaming test for a variety of packet sizes.

Avnet Virtex-II Pro Development Kit

From: Avnet, Inc.

Download Product Brief [PDF]

The RiceNIC was built upon the Avnet Virtex-II Pro Development kit, which is a commercial FPGA prototyping board. Technical details and purchasing information are available from the Avnet Electronics Marketing web site (click on the "Design Resource Center" link, and then search for the Virtex-II Pro Kit).

By registering at the Avnet site, you can download the User's Guide, Schematics, and several reference designs for the development kit.