Comp/Stat 470: From sequence to structure: Module II




Software resources


Hidden Markov Models

The classic paper is A tutorial on hidden Markov models and selected applications in speech recognition by Lawrence Rabiner, in the Proceedings of the IEEE, 77:2(257-286), 1989.

What you need to know about HMMs:

Computational genefinding using HMMs

Check the genefinding web site to get at the latest list of gene finders, data sets, and bibliography.

Reviews of genefinding

Methods of genefinding

Ab-initio Methods
Comparative Methods
Evaluating genefinding programs

Other approaches to genefinding

The chromosome 22 page is here.

Supervised learning

I will cover two families of supervised learning methods: discriminative models exemplified by support vector machines, and characteristic models exemplified by naive Bayes. I will also cover techniques for feature selection in the context of microarray data analysis. A Matlab based toolbox to experiment with these methods is here.

Support vector machines

SVMs for molecular classifications of cancer from gene expression data

Learning Bayesian networks

Learning Bayesian networks: theory

Background reading on genetic networks

Inferring regulatory networks from genomic and proteomic data

Bayesian network software

Other useful software and data for exploring metabolic networks and gene expression data
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