Send System Information to DrJava Developers

It is tremendously helpful for the DrJava developers to know what operating systems and versions of Java are being used. To get a better overview, DrJava now includes a simple and completely anonymous survey.

This survey transmits only the version number of DrJava that is being used, the name and version of the operating system, and the version and vendor of Java that is being used. This information can in no way be traced back to anyone's computer.

Every few months, DrJava will ask the user if these pieces of information may be sent to the DrJava developers.

When DrJava notices that the user's system has changed or that a new version of DrJava is being used, it may also ask the user to participate in the survey. This usually happens automatically when DrJava starts, but the user can also elect to send information by using the "Send System Information" item in the "Help" menu (multiple submissions will be ignored).

Never ask me again. If you do not want to be bothered again by this question, you can check the "Never ask me again" checkbox on the dialog, and DrJava will not ask you to participate in the survey anymore.

Thank you for helping us make DrJava better!