Chapter 12. Other Dialogs

Table of Contents

Check for New Version
Send System Information to DrJava Developers
Set File Associations
Compiz Detected
Generate Custom drjava.jar File

There are several other dialogs in DrJava that you may encounter.

Check for New Version

The DrJava development team works year-around to improve DrJava. To make it easier for users to determine whether there is a newer version available, DrJava now periodically polls the website for the latest version (by default, this is done once a week). If a new version is found, the user can press the "Manual Download" button to be taken directly to the web page with the latest version of DrJava. There is also an "Automatic Update" button that downloads the new version automatically and then restarts DrJava.

The "Check for New Version" dialog appears automatically when DrJava is started and a new version is found, but the user can perform a manual check by selecting "Check for New Version" in the "Help" menu.

Check for (type of new version). The DrJava developers release different kinds of versions: Stable versions, which should not cause major problems; beta versions, which are stable but not yet well tested; and development versions, which contain new features or changes that may be problematic.

By default, DrJava will only notify the user of new stable or beta versions, but this setting can be changed by picking a different "Check for" condition -- the user can check for stable versions only, or be interested in all kinds of versions.