DrJava User Documentation

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
Downloading DrJava
Running DrJava
System Requirements
3. Editing Programs
Definitions Pane
Multiple Documents
Source Navigation
Predictive Input Dialogs
Detachable Tabbed Panes
4. Project Facility
Tree View
Project Properties
5. Interactions Pane
System.in and Closing the Input Stream
Imports in the Interactions Pane
6. Compiling Programs
Compiling Files
Viewing Compiler Errors
Selecting a Compiler
7. Testing using JUnit
Writing Unit Tests with JUnit
Simple Test Example
Viewing Test Failures
8. Language Level Facility
Using the Java Language Level Facility
What Does the Functional Java Level Provide?
What Did the Old Levels Provide?
The Old Elementary Level
The Old Intermediate Level
The Old Advanced Level
9. Debugger
Using the Debugger
Interactions at a Breakpoint
Stepping and Resuming
Debug Panel
Detachable Debug Panel
10. Documentation with Javadoc
Writing Javadoc Comments
How to Use Javadoc in DrJava
Java API Javadoc
11. External Process Facility
Executing External Processes
Follow File
12. Other Dialogs
Check for New Version
Send System Information to DrJava Developers
Set File Associations
Compiz Detected
Generate Custom drjava.jar File
A. Configuring DrJava
Preferences Window
Editing the Config File
Available Options
Resource Locations
Display Options
Font Options
Color Options
Window Positions
Key Bindings
Compiler Options
Interactions Pane
File Types
B. DrJava Errors
C. Indenting Files from the Command Line
Running the Command Line Indenter