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Usually not to be used by applications. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Packet (Buffer buffer)
 creates a new Packet, based on a buffer.
void reset ()
 resets the buffer's index to point to the start of the payload.

Package Functions

void padding (int bsize)
int shift (int len, int bsize, int mac)
void unshift (byte command, int recipient, int s, int len)
Buffer getBuffer ()

Static Package Functions

static void setRandom (Random foo)

Package Attributes

Buffer buffer
byte[] ba4 = new byte[4]

Static Private Attributes

static Random random = null

Detailed Description

Usually not to be used by applications.

A single packet to be sent to or received from the remote side. The packet class handles padding of a Buffer.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.Packet ( Buffer  buffer  ) 

creates a new Packet, based on a buffer.

buffer the Buffer to be used for the packets data.

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Member Function Documentation

Buffer com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.getBuffer (  )  [package]

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References com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.buffer.

void com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.padding ( int  bsize  )  [package]
void com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.reset (  ) 
static void com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.setRandom ( Random  foo  )  [static, package]

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References com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.random.

int com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.shift ( int  len,
int  bsize,
int  mac 
) [package]
void com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.unshift ( byte  command,
int  recipient,
int  s,
int  len 
) [package]

Member Data Documentation

byte [] com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.ba4 = new byte[4] [package]

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Referenced by com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.padding().

Random com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.random = null [static, private]

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Referenced by com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.padding(), and com.jcraft.jsch.Packet.setRandom().

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