COMP 572 / BIOS 572 / BIOE 564
Fall 2013

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. Name Email address Office hours
Instructor Luay K. Nakhleh by appointment, DH 3119
Teaching Assistant Nikola Ristic by appointment, DH 3117

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Course Information

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Course Material

Slides Set # Topic Slides Additional material
1Networks in biologyPDF Syllabus
2Molecular cell biology: A reviewPDF
3Modeling in biologyPDF
4Graph-theoretic propertiesPDF Newman 2003
5Graph-theoretic properties of biological networksPDF Barabasi & Oltvai 2004, Albert 2005, Przulj et al. 2004
6Discrete dynamic modeling: Boolean networks and Petri netsPDF Liang et al., 1998, Heiner et al., 2008
7Reaction kineticsPDF
8Enzyme kineticsPDF
9Kinetics of gene regulationPDF Kuznetsov et al., 2004
10Kinetics of regulatory networks: Basic building blocksPDF Tyson et al., 2003
11Analyses of biological systems modelsPDF
12Probabilistic modeling: Bayesian networksPDF Needham et al., 2007
13Analyzing stoichiometric matricesPDF Papin and Palsson, 2004
14Flux-balance analysis (FBA) and metabolic control analysis (MCA)PDF
15Model fittingPDF
16Network motifsPDF
17Evolution of genes and genomesPDF
18Comparative network analysisPDF
19Networks as a guiding toolPDF

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